Thanks to your wonderful website!

Our five years wedding anniversary passed in June 2016 and we would like to thank you yet again for introducing us. We first corresponded in September 2009, physically met in March 2010 and married in June 2010.

Every day we are grateful for each other and the wonderful marriage we share. Our marriage continues to grow stronger each and every day and has endured earthquakes that destroyed our home, a world recession, and the thousand other tribulations life throws at each and every one of us on a daily basis.

Elena brought with her our son Anton, who arrived in Washington, and is now a handsome man who still lives nearby in Washington.
It is still amazes us that two people from different hemispheres and different cultures could meet through an introductory site such as yours and find, in each other, their soul mate.

We hope others looking at your testimonials can gain some measure of confidence in your wonderful service and find a similar level of love and happiness that we enjoy.

Thank you once again.

Mehmet and Elena (Washington)