Correspondence rules

We kindly ask you to be mutually respectful while writing letters, avoid any kinds of expressions that maybe offensive to other members of the site. Do not use obscene words, do not write letters of pornographic contents.

If your partner asks you questions, please take time to answer them, or if you do not want to answer this or that question explain your reasons, if you do not answer the questions asked, in this way you show your indifference towards your partner.

Terms and Conditions of the site strictly forbid to exchange personal information (e-mail, telephone, ICQ, Skype...etc.), to exchange any kind of links to other websites, the users who fail to follow these rules will be immediately deleted.

If your collocutor mentions their contact information in the letter, please, avoid contacting them to avoid scam and other kind of fraud. THIS IS NOT SAFE TO EXCHANGE YOUR CONTACT DETAILS WITH PEOPLE YOU DO NOT KNOW AND HAVEN’T MET IN PERSON!

If you want to exchange personal information, please, turn to the administration of the site.

Never ask anyone to send you money, otherwise your profile will be immediately banned, you may be reported and accused in scam by other users, and we will be forced to delete your profile.

We highly recommend writing your letters in proper language, as many of the users will use electronic translators to read from you, if you make spelling mistakes you make it difficult for your second half to understand you.

Enjoy your communication with