Firsthand information (article by an American man)

So you think you want to court and marry a Ukrainian or Russian lady? You could not have made a better choice. There are few countries who can claim the beauty of their ladies. Besides their beauty, they most generally do not have the baggage that most American women have. They are looking for a man who is steady, with a source of income. They don't need any heavy drinkers, as there are plenty of those where they are. They need a man who treats them like the gentle creatures they are. They don't ask for much. They are responsible, very good cooks, hard workers and not given to wandering off.

   You must understand that they have been brought up in a different culture than you, especially if you are an American. The difference in how the two of you think about some things is great! The Russian language is most difficult to learn and although there are more learning English, there are a lot who do not speak English. It is my opinion that while communicating with them by letter of course you will be going through the agency for translating. If you have decided to go to their city to meet with them, if they do not speak English or very little, you would be well advised to hire an interpreter to go with you. They are not very expensive and they are worth every penny. You can inquire with the agency about this. Electronic translators, as good as technology is, are VERY inaccurate and frustrating. It doesn't make any difference how much you pay for an electronic one or if it is an online translator, there are only three words...They don't work!!  A few words or phrases they will due, but other than that don't rely on them. They will cause misunderstandings and maybe hurt feelings. 

  If you are joining the agency to just find some pretty girl to play games with, please don't. Go choose another route. These ladies are looking for true love and lasting relationship. They don't need anymore heartaches. I might caution you now, do not fall in love with their pictures or the words they write in letters. You need to meet face to face and spend some time together. Everyone on this planet, for the most part, are just people with hopes and dreams and feelings. Please be careful not to go trudging on their feelings, hopes and dreams. When thinking of this I know men who talk before they think about what they are saying or in some cases have no sense of anyone else’s feelings. My point is that you may come across women who live out in small towns, just like some of the very small back woods towns in America, have very little possession wise. Do not speak down to them or criticize them or anything they have. Even if the house is run down with all old things. Remember compliments go a long way. I repeat, it is all they have!

   Now might be a good time to mention that there is a book called "Wedded Strangers", The challenges of Russian/American marriages" by Lynn Visson. It is a very good book and you would be well advised to pick up a copy and read it. It will help you understand who you want to partner with. It has helped me to understand why they do what they do and their thinking.  Just remember, there will be some very rough spots for the two of you to get through on this journey and also remember she is a woman no matter what culture. They do not change. 

  Most of all remember women like even the smallest of gifts for no reason.