Is Lovemedarling.com secure?

In one word – yes! Lovemedarling.com is a safe dating website. All clients' profiles are confidential; payments are passed through a secure server. Lovemedarling.com has policies to put off credit card swindle, identity theft or scamming issues.

Is it secure to pay for the service online?

It is completely secure. When a client purchases a tariff, he is redirected to a locked payment server and then redirected back to his account on Lovemedarling.com, after the completion of the transaction.

The privacy of your account

Lovemedarling.com offers its users a safe and friendly online dating atmosphere. All ladies' profiles are visible on the site, but their contact information remains concealed. This privacy keeps all users safe from any kind of fraud. All male clients' profiles are confidential and only the managers can have access to their emails and phone numbers – for the sake of providing quality service and being in touch with you.

How can I understand that those ladies are real?

Unlike other online dating websites Lovemedarling.com does not allow women to sign up to the service online without providing their information (photocopy of their ID) which makes it not possible for scammers to create a fake profile and upload photographs of a non-existing person. Every lady you find here has had to sign up to the site in person at one of our offices. Every office is responsible to verify her identity and marital status before putting her profile on the site. Another important information is that all the ladies are obliged to notify the site if they start a serious relationship, so that we could remove their profiles from the site.

The ladies are too good to be true!

You see lots of wonderful women here and you wonder how they can be single! The answer is – they had no luck in love! Now they are here to find a nice and loving man to become happy with him! All the ladies on the website are interviewed and all of them have one genuine desire – to be loved. Of course you are to apply common sense always when you communicate with women.

Are the photos real?

Yes, they are. The ladies are genuinely beautiful, of course all of them either have a professional photo-session or use good devices to emphasize their beauty!

What age range is good to search within?

We recommend both men and women to search within the age range of 20 years. E.g. if the man is 65 the best age of the lady will start with 45 and above. Of course there isn’t a universal recipe for everyone – so search, experiment and be wise!

Can I include my telephone number or email in my message?

Users of Lovemedarling.com are forbidden to exchange their contact information, unless such a request has been sent to the manager and both sides agreed to exchange their contact details. If you do try to send your contact information in messages or during the chat, it will be removed without notification and your profile will be removed from the site.

I have problems with uploading my photos

Firstly, make sure that the photographs you are trying to upload are less than 2MB. If your photos are larger, you will need to re-size them (use any image-editing program you have or use online editing sites).

Check the name of your file, files with automatically generated names                                        (e.g.image-.02.01.fb4d13275ba47c2d091e1cdddb5e832beb1c51784e78e352748cec33306b6bd9-V) cannot be uploaded – you should change the name of the file. The format of the picture should be jpeg.

After that, try uploading them again. In case your photo refuses to upload contact our managers and they will help you!

Remember that profiles with photos are always having more chances to be noticed!

I want to delete my profile

Please, send us a message and we will take care of it.

The lady who I want to chat with is not fluent in English

For your convenience our chat system has a built-in translation program, offering multiple-language system this is a best option for those who are eager to get to know each other but are unfortunately deprived of the ability to communicate using the same language. We are erasing the language barrier for you! Use the opportunities and find your second half with us!

I am seeing asterisks instead of my text in chat

If you trying to send abuse words, words implying sexual content or contact information to your interlocutor you will see asterisks on your screen, this is the way to protect you and your partner from any possible Internet abuse.

The lady asked for money during the chat

Some ladies are tempted to ask for financial support. To avoid any possible mistakes we strongly recommend you to refuse the lady politely. Do not accuse anybody in scam without the grounds to do this, but please, let the administration of the site know about this case. We will help you to find out the reasons why this lady asked you for help. Our one and only suggestion is not to send any money to ladies you haven’t met in person.

Why the lady doesn’t reply immediately?

First of all, check your outbox messages to be sure that your letter went though. Secondly, take into account the time zones and that sometimes the difference between your country and lady’s place of living may exceed 7 hours. You should also understand that if your lady doesn’t know any foreign language the time will be needed to translate and deliver your letter to her. Then the reverse process of translating her letter for you will take its turn.

Lovemedarling.com guarantees you a reply to every message sent!

Can I send a gift to a lady?

Yes, and you are encouraged to! Go to the page of your chosen lady and click a green button next to her profile photo which says “Send Gift”. You will be redirected to the gifts page where you can choose a gift to your liking. It may take up to 3 business days to deliver your gift, so if you wish the gift to be sent on a particular day (e.g. Lady’s birthday), we recommend you to order it beforehand. As soon as your request is processed the administration of the site will contact you.

Can I write the ladies first?

The answer is definitely yes! The ladies are waiting to receive a message from you. Our search options also allow finding a lady who is perfect right for you.

My transaction went through but I didn't get any bonuses!

In such cases at first you should check if the transaction was successful. Contact your bank to find out. After checking your bank you can contact the administration of the site to inquire about this occasion. Sometimes it takes time for the bank to process your payment, so sometimes it may take up to 3 days to receive your payment. We highly recommend you to fill your account with bonuses beforehand if you are planning to organize a chat-session or to order a gift. Check always your current balance and do not forget to add bonuses on time.

Can I have a refund of bonuses if a lady or I end our relationship/correspondence?

The answer is - no. Relationship is an unpredictable thing. Nobody can say if this is a lifetime love or temporary passion. The work that is done by the managers, the IT-specialists and translators has been done and they deserve the compensation. You should understand this before you start correspondence.

Does Lovemedarling.com have a membership fee?

No, it doesn’t. With Lovemedarling.com you pay solely for what you use and your card is never charged unless you make a payment to fill your bonus account. Lovemedarling.com doesn’t offer a subscription fee or membership fee so you can rest assured that there will be no recurring billing. You purchase bonuses to open and send letters, view private photos, videos, send gifts to your lady and to order services offered by Lovemedarling.com

What happens after I meet the lady?

You both decide how serious the things are between you, you might wish to meet her once more, before you take your final decision to marry. Next step you will take is starting the process of transition of your chosen one to your country. You should be prepared that the process is not easy and not free-of-charge. You will need to consult your local immigration attorney to find out about documents needed to take your chosen lady to your country. Lovemedarling.com in its turn will be a support and help for you in this process too! Be patient and let the luck be with you!