This was the meeting that changed our lives forever

Our correspondence with Bryan started in April and already in June we decided to meet each other in my city. When I saw him for the first time I already knew we would be a couple, a happy and loving couple with mutual interests and lots of things to do in the future…

When I saw Bryan, I realized that he is my second half, I do not know how to explain this but my heart whispered to me that he is the one. He was dressed up in a suit and had a small present for me in his hands (later I got to know that this was perfume)) First minutes of our meeting I was literally unable to say anything, so amazing was this first date. With the help of interpreter we started our communication and everything went perfectly! We are thankful to our helper who made these first days of our meeting efficient and comfortable.

Our next meeting was in Egypt, and now we are planning my moving to Bryan’s country… this is only the beginning of our happy story but we already know that it is a start of a magnificent union of two loving hearts.

I wish everyone to find their love on!