Creating an attractive profile

1. Choose a photo

Very frequently men omit this step, but placing a photo in your profiles is essential. 80-90% of your success on the website depend whether you have a profile photo or no. Next step is choosing the best one. Use recent photos, of high resolution and preferably of portrait orientation. If you want to boast that you have been to Grand Canyon and took a picture there, while in this picture you are as tiny as an ant, put this photo as an additional one in your profile. Ladies will appreciate if you show them your eyes and kind smile.

2. Fill all the fields in your profile

This is a time-consuming part of the whole thing, but it is crucial to be patient and to answer the questions in your profile. Will you be interested in an empty profile of the lady? No. The same about women! They want to have an idea what kind of person they are looking at and your profile information is very helpful. It creates lady's initial opinion of you. Be witty and be yourself.

3. Attract attention

Put the most important information in the very beginning. Do not overload your profile page with too many words. Fields that require your description and portrayal of your future partner may have 3-5 sentences, respect the time of the ladies, if they want to read a novel they will take a book. Be positive in your descriptions, write more about what you like rather than what you dislike.