What is a scam?

Love and family happiness are what people looked for at all times. Think about that – you are the result of love of hundreds of generations of your ancestors who could face lots of challenges on their way to happiness – to overcome distances, to have patience and wait for their partner, to accept certain risks. There were times when it was necessary to look for your beloved one in a neighboring village, fight at duel or seek a monarch’s blessing. At all times it was necessary to fight for your love. Nowadays distances and challenges on the way to love are different, though  possibilities of a partner search have changed greatly as well. At the era of modern technologies you can look for your partner overseas, communicate through thousands of kilometers and find your soul mate and your happiness on the other side of the world. It has become easier to pass distances but still you have to be patient and ready to take risks. And this topic deserves a separate talk. 

One of the risks which are often a matter of high concern for the users in net is scam. This term means a fraud committed by using personal information in order to rook another person.

When you start a serious search of your partner in internet, the most reasonable way is to address a Dating Agency (DA) which will help you to find a partner responding to the criteria of your search and weed out spam, www-bots, crooks, fake and unnecessary information.

Starting correspondence and communication you should understand that there is a real person but not an imaginary character behind the screen of your computer. The advantage of this situation is that you are actually looking for a real person but the disadvantage is that people you set up contact with are very different personalities. Nobody is completely assured from fraud in net same as in any other life situation.

This topic is the matter of vivid interest of men and women who use services of DA and search for their partner in Internet. Both – men and women - may come across scam and should have a possibility to understand when they are dealing with crooks. There is much information in net and there are various resources which give advice on how to determine a crook and there is no sense to repeat well-known advice. Nevertheless there are certain recommendations which customers of DA find useful and rely on in the process of their search. Please pay your attention to the following: 

  • You should clearly understand the difference between transferring funds and participating in any financial activities with unknown people and help or sending a gift to someone who is in personal relations with you. In everyday life you can easily see that difference – to give your money to a stranger in the street or to help your grandma to fix a broken door. Here you would not have doubts determining the situation. Try to apply the same principles to your Internet communication. If you have exchanged a couple of letters with a person and something is already demanded from you – you can understand it as scam. Though if you are in long-term communication with a person and you develop your relations and build a model of potential family, you can share your problems and concerns with your partner and you can expect compassion and support. Mutual understanding, readiness to help at times of hardships have always been important criteria to understand how serious relations between people are.
  • If you take decision to help your partner or cover any expenses related to organization of a meeting, etc. – tale your decision with responsibility. Being an adult you should not put responsibility for your decision upon other people, moreover to refer to “manipulations” or demand sanctions or refunds in case if you change your mind. Help is a step forward which you have to make consciously. If you are unsure, don’t make it. If you are sure about your wish to help – do not shift responsibility on your partner or whoever else later.  
  • Remember about your own reputation. Don’t turn into “anti-scammers” who consciously provoke a partner looking for a possibility to accuse of lies, find faults with or getting satisfaction from the feeling of superiority and trying to raise personal self esteem this way. It doesn’t do you any honor, moreover your search will not benefit from that. Do not forget that you also create your image and reputation and they influence the choice of users who would like to start communication with you while addressing DA. 

Please note! Whenever you send funds or gifts you mark it as an act made by your own will and on charitable basis. Having taken the decision of any transfers you take personal responsibility for that. If you choose to file any complaints to the DA later it will be taken into consideration though refunds would hardly be possible since transfers and gifts are a matter of personal relations between two people and DA is only a medium facilitating communication between those two people.